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LFU – Ceiling Laminar Flow Unit (CE)

For total or additional makeup air

CE Marked (UKCA pending) – Uncontrolled drafts can completely interrupt the Capture & Containment capacity of hoods and ventilated ceilings. When carefully designed, ceiling laminar flow units eliminate the kitchen occupied zone from drafts. They directly contribute to the reduction of the exhaust airflow rates while improving the working conditions.

Compared to units installed directly in the occupied zone, LFU laminar flow units provide the best combination of surface area and supply volume while delivering low-velocity air to the kitchen.

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Uncontrolled draughts – even the smallest ones – can totally ruin the Capture & Containment capacity of hoods and ventilated ceilings. A well designed make up air strategy contributes not only to guarantee this efficiency but also to the final Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) inside the kitchen. It should always be considered as an inherent part of the kitchen ventilation solution.

Laminar Flow Units LFU considerably reduce the draughts in the kitchen compared to “traditional” diffusers. They are designed to break the speed of the fresh air carried by the supply ductwork, distribute it equally inside the units and «laminarise» the flow. The fresh air is then diffused at a very low speed in a very homogeneous way and without drafts.

  • Contributes to saving energy compared to traditional diffusers by contributing to exhaust airflow rates reduction of the hoods and ventilated ceilings.
  • Improves the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the perceived temperature.
  • Contributes directly to good working conditions and productivity improvement.
  • Standards dimensions to fit false ceilings with a 600×600 mm grid.
  • The specific design of the dampers and the association of a honeycomb structure to the perforated front face “laminarise” the air flow.
  • Wide range of units to match any integration requirements. Possibilities of customisation.
  • Creation of supply “beams” by combining supply units together.
  • Designed to facilitate easy cleaning.
  • Anti-vibration fixings available.
  • Special dimensions or finishes on request.


  • LFU – Ceiling Laminar Flow Unit (CE)



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  • LFU Tuo korvausilmaa katosta



    Shape 2
  • LFU – Diffuseur plafonnier à flux laminaire (CE)



    Shape 2
  • LFU Großflächiger Luftdurchlass zur impulsarmen Frischluftzufuhr von der Decke



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  • LFU Laminär flödesenhet från tak



    Shape 2
  • LFU 置换补风装置



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  • Halton FS EAC Certificate 01


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