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Halton Tune; Commissioning and Validation

We provide products, systems and services for comfortable, energy efficient and safe indoor environments for customers who appreciate people’s wellbeing. We are engaged with customer projects from the design phase to implementation and use.

Halton Tune: Commissioning and validation

Halton products are typically installed by HVAC contractors, but for some systems we also offer commissioning services. Laboratory ventilation systems are a good example of Halton’s turn-key solutions. Our validation services offer a tool for guaranteeing that the designed indoor climate conditions and user satisfaction are achieved in new or refurbished buildings.

Halton Tune Overview

Delivery, system commissioning and validation

Halton manufactures system components in accordance to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards. Compliance with these standards ensures the use of only high-quality components and a low environmental impact throughout production. Halton chilled beams are also Eurovent certified.

Halton offers solutions for demanding spaces like hospitals and laboratories. With our commissioning and validation services, we guarantee that the designed indoor climate conditions, system performance and user satisfaction are achieved.

System performance validation

System performance validation guarantees proper functionality of the ventilation system before the occupants move in. By ensuring that all installations of components have been made correctly, and all parameters have been set according to the design, optimal thermal conditions and energy savings are achieved. Halton helps you provide a fully functional, comfortable, and safe indoor climate for the building users.

Validation of the indoor climate conditions in a construction project

Validation of designed thermal conditions in new or refurbished spaces reduces the risk of immediate complaints from users, reveals possible problem areas and makes it possible to make corrective actions in time. The indoor environment is created when the final use of spaces is determined, and end users have occupied and furnished the spaces. Typical changes made during the move-in are relocation of partition walls, furniture lay-out changes, and changes in the positioning of meeting rooms and office areas. At that time, the final adjustment of technical room systems should be done.

Validation of the indoor climate conditions starts with an evaluation of the indoor climate carried out already at the planning stage. When the building is finished, the validation continues with an occupant satisfaction survey. Based on the gathered feedback, a perception map is collected to identify and locate the problem sources in various parts of the building, and in different areas of the indoor environment. A technical analysis on site helps find the sources of potential problems. This information may be used to fix problems related to building engineering systems before the warranty period ends. If a problem is caused by the use of the premises, the results help clarify the situation for the users. Validation of the indoor climate is intended for project developers and real estate owners, who want to ensure good results for their projects when it comes to perceived high-quality indoor environment.

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