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At Halton, we focus on four good governance areas: how the value is distributed to different stakeholders, purchases from the suppliers, labor productivity, and training in anti-corruption policies and procedures.  Halton applies a zero-tolerance approach to corruption, both within and outside the group.

Halton’s Code of Conduct forms the basis for all of our actions and defines how we conduct our daily business. The Code of Conduct covers compliance with laws and decrees, prevention of corruption, fair competition, use of assets and property, and operating procedures related to personnel, human rights, and the environment, as well as all the whole of the implementation and monitoring of the Code of Conduct.

The goods and service suppliers of Halton and the representatives of the company must comply with the Code of Conduct aimed at them. Each Code of Conduct is approved by the senior management and Board of the Halton Group.

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Halton encourages its stakeholders to report any observations or suspicions of activities in violation of its code of conduct. You can make a notification through the electronic Halton Fair Play Forum, or by post to

Oy Halton Group Ltd / Fair Play Forum
Firdonkatu 2 T 146 Tripla Workery West
00520 Helsinki, Finland

All notifications will be dealt with confidentially by the three-person Halton Fair Play Forum. Only these persons will have access to the notifications and any related material. Notifications made in good faith will not lead to any action against the person submitting them, nor persons close to them, their employer or anyone assisting in the reporting. The results of investigations concerning any notifications will be reported regularly to the chairman of the board of Halton Group.

Halton Fair Play forum – Privacy policy

Group Policies

Halton Group practices sustainable business by following common policies regarding quality, health & safety, and environmental aspects as well as privacy.

We endorse the United Nations Global Compact strategic initiative for sustainable business practices and support the Global Compact’s seven principles focusing on human rights, fair treatment of labor, respect for the environment, and anti-corruption. Halton joined as the Global Compact participant on 17 December 2018.

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At Halton, we have three Strategic Business Areas: SBA Halton, SBA Foodservice, and SBA Marine. SBA Halton focuses on commercial and public buildings, healthcare institutions, and laboratories. SBA Foodservice concentrates on professional kitchens and restaurants. SBA Marine has the center of attention on energy production and heavy industry environments as well as marine vessels.

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Economic Value Distributed to the Stakeholders

The year 2022 was generally a year of growth at Halton. Our purchases from external suppliers increased in euro terms in relation to turnover growth. The regional business in North America and the Middle East clearly grew compared to the previous year, and Europe and Asia also saw some growth compared to the previous year. The business of Nelbud Services Inc. was also significantly reflected in the development of turnover. The company was purchased in the United States in August 2021 and focuses on lifecycle services for professional kitchens. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were clearly smaller, but it still made business difficult in certain areas, especially in China.

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Corruption Perception Index

At Halton the corruption and bribery are very much under a magnifying glass. As a multinational group with employees in over 35 countries and customers and suppliers worldwide, we need to constantly focus our eyes on the economic environments of many countries. Part of our anti-corruption policy is estimating the corruption risks for each country using data from the annual Corruption Perception Index by Transparency International (TI).

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