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KCW – Water Wash ventilated ceiling (CE)

With Capture Jet™ technology and low velocity makeup air

CE Marked (UKCA pending) – The KCW ventilated ceiling combines several functions: extraction, supply air, uniform lighting and rigid suspended ceilings above neutral areas. Equipped with Water Wash technology, it washes down the grease filters without the need for removal of the filters from the ceiling. This eliminates the need for a second set of filters.

The KCW ceiling is also equipped with the new generation of Capture Jet™ technology. It requires up to 15% less exhaust air volume than traditional ceilings to remove an equal heat load.

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The KCW closed ventilated ceiling, with the Capture Jet™ technology, combines several functions: extraction, filter cleaning, air supply, lighting, and a suspended ceiling. it is suitable for open or show kitchens (hotels, hospitals, gastronomic restaurants, central kitchens, etc).

KCW ventilated ceilings are equipped with the Water Wash technology. It is designed to automatically carry out the regular cleaning of the filters, with no outside intervention necessary. It significantly reduces cleaning costs. Above all, users can devote themselves entirely to creating and preparing menus and food.

KCW ceilings free the kitchen from the space taken up by hoods. The entire kitchen then potentially benefits from the daylight, in addition to the integrated uniform and direct lighting. The visual comfort and the impression of space are incomparable. In the unlikely event of fire, it also provides an excellent protection, limiting its spread through the building.

Compared to hoods, heat and vapours are necessarily captured higher up. The latest generation of Capture Jet™ technology virtually constitutes an outer boundary for smoke to remove it efficiently.

Halton’s laminar flow units LFU provide a draught-free makeup air completing the action of the Capture Jets and improving staff comfort.

  • HACCP(1) certified.
  • Turnkey projects: Dimensioning and design of each project «made in Germany», including installation by Halton specialists.
  • Energy savings: Up to 15% reduction in exhaust airflow rates due to Capture Jet™ technology.
  • Improved safety: Highly-efficient FC filters. Prevents build-up of grease deposits which constitute a serious hygiene and fire hazard. Lower ductwork cleaning costs.
  • Fire safety: The combination of the Water Wash exhaust plenum with FC filters has been tested according to DIN 18869-5 (flame-snap-through).
  • Significant maintenance savings: The Water Wash technology automatically cleans the filters with no staff intervention for them to be able entirely devoting to production.
  • Requires CCW control cabinet.
  • Equipped with Halton Connect IoT (Internet of Things) platform with advanced 24/7 distant monitoring capabilities.
  • Highest value of ownership thanks to Halton Connect & Care smart services available as an option from kitchens commissioning.
  • Halton Skyline LED culinary light provides the best visual comfort while contributing to further improve the safety and the energy savings.
  • The Human Centric version of Halton Skyline directly contributes to chefs’ and their teams Wellbeing, especially when extended to all kitchen areas.
  • Unrivalled working conditions due to optimal air quality and thermal comfort, combined with excellent visual and acoustic comfort.
  • The entire system is fully comprehensive and includes extraction, make up air, lighting and a suspended ceiling in stainless steel and/or aluminium.
  • Sturdier and easier to clean: Less parts and less joints. Stainless steel construction.
  • Adaptable for later modifications to the layout of cooking appliances.
  • Customisation possibilities on finishes and on the configuration of the ventilated ceilings (show kitchens).

(1) Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

More about the main embedded technologies

Halton Connect

Halton Skyline

Capture Jet™

KSA Filters

Water Wash

Recommended combinations with other products or technologies

KCW Ceilings can be combined with other Halton technologies or products in order to further enhance the performance of your kitchen, whether talking about the energy savings, safety, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) or Impact on the environment.

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Get peace of mind by making no compromise on fire safety
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Optimize the ductwork cleaning costs and further improve your safety
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Reduce the ductwork cleaning costs, increase your safety and reduce the impact of your kitchen on the neighborhood
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