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Halton Capture Jet™ technology - Energy savings - Hoods and ventilated ceilings

Capture Jet™ technology

An integral component of Halton’s hoods and ventilated ceilings which generates substantial energy savings with as much as a 50% reduction in exhaust airflow rates.

This is the main benefit of Halton’s Capture Jet™ technology compared to traditional suction only exhaust systems removing the same heat load. There are other advantages using this Halton technology that has been continually improved:
– Enjoy enhanced working conditions and comfort;
– Accelerated return on investment due to significant energy savings;
– Quiet operation.

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The Capture Jet™ technology in the majority of cases, pays back upon start-up of the kitchen, the rest shortly after that. The energy savings directly contribute to your profitability while the staff benefits from improved working conditions.