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FSS – ANSUL® R-102™ fire suppression system

Factory pre-installed

Ansul® R-102™ is a liquid and chemical fire suppression system. It is the most efficient solution to control the risk of fire, which is inherent to all professional kitchens, without putting customers or staff in danger. It reacts rapidly and automatically to suppress the fire.

The integration by Halton of Ansul® R-102™ system in Halton’s products provides a cost effective overall solution. The pre-installation at the factory is a guarantee of efficiency and proper layout for maximum protection.

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In today’s commercial kitchens, higher temperature cooking oils and high efficiency appliances (with a slow cooling down) such as deep-fat fryers have combined to make fire suppression more challenging than in the past.

All the more challenging because:
–  Although the main identifiable risk is deep fat fryers, it is a little known fact that more kitchen fires start from stoves or ranges that are not equipped with heat safety switches.
–  The cooking fires natural behaviour is to spread throughout the building via the kitchen exhaust ductwork.

The need to protect people and property from fire is crucial. Halton’s selected Ansul® R-102™ fire suppression system is an automatic, pre-engineered system, designed specifically for professional kitchens to protect the ventilation system and associated cooking equipment. Its heart lies in its ability to quickly detect and suppress fires. Ansul® R-102™ uses an advanced extinguishing agent to ensure rapid flame knock-down and vapour securement.

Who better than Halton for Halton’s products? Factory pre-installed systems provide a cost efficient global solution, from the design of the ventilation systems to the fire suppression system. It is a guarantee of efficiency and respect for both products.

  • Pre-engineered and pre-installed from factory for an aesthetic integration and full compliance with Halton’s products HACCP(1) certification.
  • Factory integration can be the unique solution for products with UV-C or water wash technologies or for show cooking tailor-made products.
  • Globally cost efficient thanks to reduced installation and commissioning time on site.
  • Available for hoods, ventilated ceilings and front cooking solutions.
  • Low pH Agent and proven design.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • UL Listed (complying with UL 300).
  • ULC Listed (complying with ULC/ORD-C1254.6).
  • Complying with NFPA(2) 17A, NFPA 96, LPCB LPS 1223 and CE Marked.

Piranha® Fire Suppression system (dual-agent based) available on request.

(1) Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
(2) National Fire Protection Association

Recommended combinations with other products or technologies

To further enhance the performance of your kitchen, whether talking about the energy savings, safety, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) or the kitchen’s impact on the environment, here are couple of combinations with other Halton products or technologies we recommend you.

Optimize the ductwork cleaning costs and further improve your safety
Go for KGS grease deposition level monitoring system for ductwork

Did you know?

Fire hazard is a major concern in professional kitchens.

Kitchen fires are among the most dangerous and frightening fires:
– A fire can begin on a cooking appliance, or in a canopy, and quickly spread through the entire kitchen, restaurant or building via the exhaust ductwork;
– Statistics show that many restaurants never reopen after a major fire.

Why do many restaurants never reopen after a major fire?

The operator or owner of the property has to accept not only their business interruption and the damages due to fire and firefighting but also,the liability towards other tenants, visitors or third parties as well as unfavorable reports in the media.

Why are fat fires so specific?

Fat fires are self igniting and after ignition, the temperature rises dramatically. Fat fires are fuelled by fat vapours which are highly flammable. That’s why they can only be extinguished by isolating oil from the oxygen and reducing the oil temperature.


  • FSS – ANSUL® R-102™ fire suppression system



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