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Halton FireWatch

Introducing the first of its kind Fire Warning system for Commercial Kitchens that never sleeps, Halton FireWatch! A 24/7 electronic fire warning system with data backup.

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What is Halton FireWatch?

Halton FireWatch, provides a critical layer of monitoring to mitigate fire risk

Halton FireWatch is a 24/7 electronic fire warning system with data backup and is part of Halton’s SafeGuard controls platform addressing a food service facility’s Sustainability, Wellbeing, and Fire Risk.

Halton FireWatch monitors hood plenum exhaust temperature. When an anomaly is detected, a local two-stage warning is initiated.

  • Stage 1 – Visual warning is initiated – Flashing HCL light at hood and text warning on HMI touchscreen.
  • Stage 2 – Visual warnings and audible warnings are initiated – Flashing HCL light at hood, text warning on touch screen and buzzer at touch screen if condition has not been addressed. Halton FireWatch Equipment Shut Down feature initiated. (Operator required approval) 
  • Appliance reset after the dangerous condition is cleared.


  • Prevent false fire system trips
  • Allows for intervention to reduce risk of fire starting
  • Potential for insurance premium reduction
  • Cloud-based data for insurance companies
  • Avoid costly shutdown and revenue loss from fire system discharge
  • Monitoring and data backup services, free for the 1st year of use
  • Fully customized system fitting your needs and wants when paired with Edge device add-on

Why choose Halton FireWatch

Did you know that between 2010 and 2014, an estimated average of 7,410 structure fires in eating and drinking establishments were reported to U.S. fire departments each year!

Just think about all the smaller fires and fire system discharges that were not reported!


Cooking equipment was the leading cause of fires in these properties, accounting for 3 out of 5 fires.*

What if you could have a system that identifies when conditions are favorable for a fire BEFORE it ignites!
  • Deep fryers were involved in one of five fires (21%) and ranges or cooktops were involved in 14% of fires.
  • Two-thirds (68%) of fires in eating and drinking establishments were small and did not spread beyond the object of origin.
  • Cooking materials were the item first ignited in 43%of the fires in eating and drinking establishments.
  • Failure to clean was a factor in 22% of the fires in these properties.

* NFPA research publication – Structure Fires in Eating and Drinking Establishments Fact Sheet

Watch FCSI’s consultant roundtable: Fire safety in commercial kitchens

Hosted by FCSI’s Foodservice Consultant Magazine, in association with Halton, this roundtable addresses the main cause of fires in foodservice back of house spaces and how the industry collectively can do a better job to prevent them.

Participants: Melissa Moore, Foodservice Design Professionals; Keith Short FCSI, Orlando Espinosa + Associates; Andrey Livchak, Director – Global R&D, Halton Group; Chair: Michael Jones, editorial director, FCSI’s Foodservice Consultant

Halton SafeGuard System

Halton FireWatch is part of the Halton SafeGuard System

Halton SafeGuard is an IoT-connected platform that addresses today and tomorrow’s concerns regarding energy savings, indoor environmental quality (IEQ), and fire risk mitigation.

Halton SafeGuard combines industry-leading technology that puts critical information in the operator’s hands while automatically responding to sensor input, a Food Service industry first.

Learn more about Halton SafeGuard


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