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Greater Poland Children’s Health Centre

A modern pediatric hospital is being built in Poznań, with the first Hospital Emergency Department in Greater Poland dedicated to the youngest inhabitants of the region. Medical care will be provided in 9 wards, in single rooms for 354 children and their guardians. A team of specialist clinics will also be available. The project will be finalized till the end of 2021.

Halton delivered Halton Vita OR Space solution that will ensure ultra clean environment in five operating rooms in a hospital.

The Halton Vita OR Space 5 system is designed to provide ultraclean operating environment for high risk operations.

Halton Vita OR Space gives free space on the ceiling that enables to put there any device. Halton’s solution is highly energy-efficient so reduces hospital energy bills. In addition, Halton’s dilution mixing ventilation solution creates a comfortable work environment for medical personnel, with low risk of draughts and low noise level.

In the hospital spaces – corridors, isolation rooms, patient rooms etc. – Halton Vita HEPA diffusers are installed, in total a few hundreds units in all three buildings.

Watch video!

Check out the video to see how the Greater Poland Children’s Health Centre looks like.