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Halton Vita Vex

Gas and smoke extraction solution

The Halton Vita Extract solution provides a health-friendly work environment by removing hazardous gases directly at their source. Anaesthetic gases are collected from the patient’s mask after they have been exhaled, and smoke produced in surgeries is collected straight from the diathermy device or surgery area.

Halton’s delivery includes a complete system with design support, commissioning, and fine-tuning services. The system can be installed by Halton upon request.

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surgical smoke extraction

Typical challenges

The solution responds to the challenge of how to protect medical personnel from exposure to gases and surgical smoke that create health hazards in spaces where they treat patients.

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Operating room gas extraction

Why choose Halton?

Halton has proven expertise in ventilation for hospital spaces, and we have numerous references. We have sold extraction solutions to many modern hospitals, with an especially strong presence in Sweden.

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Improved hygiene conditions, fire safety, energy-efficiency, and comfort
  • State-of-the-art innovations
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Gas and smoke extraction solution | Halton Vita Extract

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