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Instrument table ventilation

Movable medical instrument table ventilation

The Halton Vita Cell Instrument solution upgrades the hygiene of your operations by providing ultra-clean air for the operating-instrument table.

Halton Vita Cell Instrument extracts air at ground level, treats it with a pre-filter followed by an H14 HEPA filter, and creates an additional protection zone of ultra-clean air over the instrument table in the operating room. The solution’s design enables integration with all commonly used instrument tables.

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instrument table in a operating room

Typical challenges

How can you keep medical instruments from getting contaminated by airborne microbes? If you have several instrument tables, it’s difficult to fit them around the operating table where ultra-clean air is created by laminar flow. With this solution, however, your can provide the instrument tables with a safe environment and ultra-clean air wherever they are in the room.

Do you have a challenge that requires a solution?

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Why choose Halton?

OR intrument table
Smoke test showing how ultra clean air is created for OR instrument table

Efficient upgrading

  • Complement the existing ventilation systems

Lower risk of infection

  • Ultra-clean air flow from a HEPA filter system reduces the levels of bacteria-carrying particles and decreases the risk of airborne infections
    Safety and ease of use
  • You benefit from simple set-up, readjustment, and moving, made even easier by training from Halton’s experts

Ease of operation

  • The system is operated via a simple user-interface panel or touchscreen

Good hygiene

  • The materials, construction, and mobility enable easy cleaning of both the unit and the space

Flexible procurement models

  • Alongside purchasing, the financing models include leasing with a maintenance plan

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