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Double sensor control, increasing the safety of the laboratory staff

The Double Sensor control offers the fastest response time and a high system stability for the most demanding laboratory environments. The solution uses two sensor controls to provide the most accurate solution:

  • Control of the sash movement in order to provide a quick increase of the exhaust airflow
  • Control the face velocity in order to maintain the face velocity at its setpoint

Advantages of Double Sensor control:

  • Extremely fast response time, suitable for fume cupboards with high safety requirements
  • Stable steady-state flow conditions at different sash positions
  • Adaptation to fume cupboard airflow conditions, especially the ability to recognize blockage in front of an open sash allows the system to adjust the face velocity and airflow accordingly
  • Constant face velocity control
  • Variable airflow operation for energy efficiency
  • Automatic ECO mode with an occupancy sensor (optional) for enhanced energy efficiency

Response time and system stability

The time in which stable control velocity is reached after the fume cupboard opening has a significant effect on the exposure; once the response time exceeds 3 seconds, the exposure risk increases significantly. After 5 seconds from the sash movement, the maximum concentrations at the fume cupboard opening may reach the exhaust concentration.
The Halton Vita Lab Solo Double sensor control application has been tested by Halton according to EN 14175-6 with the following results:

  • Fast stabilization – even after maximum change, less than 3 seconds from min to max position
  • Immediate reaction to change was less than 1 second
  • Fast and steady response to sash movement for both from minimum to maximum and maximum to minimum