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Hygienic hospital beam
Hygienic hospital beam

Halton Vita Patient Ava (VPA ) – Radiant panel (DRAFT)

Halton Vita Patient Rex hygienic active chilled beam provides silent, comfortable and stable indoor environment in patient rooms and other environments with high hygienic needs and variable conditions. This beam is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning due the openable structure.

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Overview - DRAFT (copied from VPR)

Halton Vita Patient Rex hygienic chilled beam provides:

  • Silent, Comfortable and stable indoor environment
  • Combined Ventilation, Heating and Cooling for flush installation within a suspended ceiling
  • High Energy-Efficiency
  • Easy upgrade to old facilities

The Halton Vita Patient Rex hygienic chilled beam has

  • Hygienic and openable construction with smooth surfaces that is easy to clean thoroughly
  • Coil with anti-bacterial finishing to prevent eventual microbial growth
  • Hinged coil to enable access to both sides of the coil and internal beam surfaces for cleaning
  • Cleaning guidance is provided to enable successful maintenance
  • Reduced amount of dust accumulation and less need for specialist cleaning compared to other chilled beams
  • Integral adjustment for operational modes and exhaust air outlet

Typical applications: Hospital patient rooms and other spaces with hygienic requirements.

The Halton Vita Patient Rex chilled beam is especially designed for hygienic and performance needs of hospitals and other environments with higher hygienic needs. The Halton Vita Patient Rex operation can be easily adapted to changed operation conditions and requirements from the design to the end of the building life cycle.

  • Easy and fast selection with Halton HIT Design tool
  • Individually adjustable velocity conditions with Halton Velocity Control (HVC)
  • In-built flexibility of operation for partition wall relocations with Halton Velocity Control
  • Individually adjustable supply air flow rate for changes in space layout using Halton Air Quality (HAQ) control
  • Demand based control of supply air flow rate for efficient use of energy in constant-pressure ductwork zone applications; when the air flow rate changes have no effect on the coil cooling/heating capacities of the chilled beam.
  • Effective site logistics
  • Enhanced life cycle performance with optimized low air and water flow rates

Product models

  • Model with combined cooling and heating exchanger
  • Model with manual or motorised Halton Air Quality (HAQ)
  • Model with removable, cleanable coil, shut-off valves