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Dallas Stadium

Arlington, TX, USA (2010)

In the fall of 2009 the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys walked through the doors of their new stadium which is located in Arlington, TX.

The stadium regularly seats 80,000 fans however a vast standing room only area allows for the total occupancy level to reach 100,000. As a result, this newly featured Cable TV Mega Structure has become the largest capacity stadium in the NFL.

Dallas Stadium has chosen Halton Solutions for the ventilation of their kitchen.

Dallas Stadium

In addition to serving as the Cowboy’s home it is also a multi use facility.  It was designed to host events ranging from the NBA All Star Game, to Monster Truck Rallies and Main Event Boxing matches.
Both the stadium and food service operation needed to be efficient and versatile in order to adapt quickly with the change of venues.
The futuristic architectural design elements of the stadium would not accommodate a conventional kitchen ventilation system and the energy savings mandate provided for an even greater challenge to the foodservice design team.

There were numerous food venues that were required to accommodate a wide range of menu items and Halton is proud to have been invited to participate in the solution

Ricca Newmark Design, based out of Denver CO, with local support from their Texas branch, was chosen in the first round to tackle this project. Soon into the design stages of the ventilation system it became very evident the normal game plan for routing ductwork would not apply. The architectural mandate was for a smooth exterior roof line free of traditional ventilation systems and roof top units. Structural features created ducting challenges do to support beams and height restrictions. Based on his experiences, Sean Callnin of RND knew that there would be many challenges and coordination issues that a project of this magnitude would bring. The window of opportunity to prepare full drawing sets in record time seamed to be only as long as it takes for the dome on the building to close. As a result, Ricca Newmark Design had to select venders that they had confidence in and that would respond quickly. One of the vendors selected was Halton and based on previous experiences, Sean knew that Halton could comply with all the product design criteria and had the experience with projects of this size to handle all the coordination requirements.

M+E Engineers (Denver, CO) specified Halton’s EcoloAir to clean the kitchen exhaust air before entering the surrounding environment. The city of Arlington granted a special ventilation variance when the combination of Halton “Capture-Ray” UV hoods and the “EcoloAir” unit were submitted. The variance allowed for Type II ductwork to be installed downstream of the “EcoloAir” discharge to the outside exhaust louvers saving the owner, Blue Star Enterprises, many thousands of dollars.

TD Industries, the mechanical contractor on the project was already familiar with Halton after working with Halton on the Arizona Cardinals Stadium. The overall kitchen ventilation package consisted of “Capture-Ray” UV-C light exhaust hoods in combination with the EcoloAir 3 stage grease filtration units.

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