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Halton KVC-UV UV exhaust hood
Halton KVC-UV UV exhaust hood

KVC-UV Capture Ray™ UV exhaust hood with supply air (ETL)

With Capture Jet™ technology

UL Listed – Halton’s KVC-UV Capture RayTM UV exhaust hoods with supply air are based on Halton’s patented Capture JetTM solution, advanced mechanical KSA filter technology, and a UV-C system for the mitigation of grease generated in the cooking process – all of which mean clean ducts and improved fire safety.


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  • Integrated Capture Ray™ Ultraviolet cassette(s) with complete controls and safety features.
  • Highly efficient Capture JetTM technology reduces the  exhaust airflow volume required.
  • Heat load design method.
  • ASTM 1704 validated performance.
  • Easy access to UV cassettes for maintenance.
  • Stainless steel Model KSA ‘Multi cyclone’ high efficiency grease filters – UL and NSF classified.
  • T.A.B.™ (testing and balancing) ports, which allow accurate and effective commissioning.
  • UL listed Control Panel for UV operation.
  • Stainless steel welded construction.
  • Standard LED light fixtures.
  • Optional LED dimming is available for Capture Jet hoods. Dimming is control by a knob on the switch panel or through Halton HMI Touch Screen.
  • Stainless steel, welded design.


The technologies and features integrated in the KVC-UV hood can be combined with the following technologies or products to further improve the Energy Efficiency, Safety, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) or Emission Control levels.

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