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KVC-WW – Water wash hood with supply air (UL)

With Capture Jet™ technology

UL Listed –  The KVC-WW hood with supply air is a highly efficient kitchen ventilation solution. Equipped with Capture Jet and Water Wash technology, it washes down the grease filters without the need to remove them from the hood.

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  • Automatic Water Wash features allow for continuous operation without extended shut down for cleaning.
  • Improved indoor air quality with reduced energy use.  Halton Capture JetTM with Side-Jet technology reduces the exhaust airflow rates required and improves the capture and  containment efficiency of the hood.
  • High efficiency grease filtration using UL and NSF classified Halton KSA multi-cyclone filters for removal of up to 95% of particles with a size of 8 microns per ASTM F2519.
  • UL Listed Control Panel for water wash cycle.
  • T.A.B.TM (testing and balancing) ports, which allow accurate and effective commissioning.
  • Standard LED light fixtures.
  • Optional LED dimming is available for Capture Jet hoods. Dimming is control by a knob on the switch panel or through Halton HMI Touch Screen.
  • Stainless steel, welded design.


The technologies and features integrated in the KVC-WW hood can be combined with the following technologies or products to further improve the Energy Efficiency, Safety, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) or Emission Control levels.

Further increase the energy savings and improve the working conditions of the staff
Go for M.A.R.V.E.L. energy saving technology for kitchens ventilation

Establish your kitchen wherever you chose and increase once more the energy savings
Go for PolluStop pollution control unit.

Get peace of mind by making no compromise on fire safety
Go for the factory pre-installed FSS Fire Suppression System

Optimize the ductwork cleaning costs and further improve your safety
Go for KGS grease deposition level monitoring system for ductwork

Reduce the ductwork cleaning costs, increase your safety and reduce the impact of your kitchen on the neighborhood
Go for the Capture Ray™ grease mitigation technology



Kitchen hood inner liner shall be constructed from 18 gauge stainless steel where exposed. The kitchen hoods shall be supplied complete with outer casing/main body, inner liner, exhaust duct, pressure measurement T.A.B. ports.
Outer casing panels shall be constructed of stainless steel with a brushed satin finish. Each joint shall be welded and liquid tight.

All exposed welds are ground and polished to the original finish of metal. Canopy ends shall be double sided wall construction (no single wall hoods permitted).

Supply Air Plenum

The integral front discharge make up air plenum shall be manufactured of the same material as the hood. The face of the plenum will be perforated stainless steel to deliver low velocity air to the space and to minimize room turbulence while refreshing the occupied zone.

Water Wash

The hood shall include three full length wash manifolds equipped with brass spray nozzles. When the wash cycle is initiated, the exhaust fan shall shut off. The wash sprays shall come on for the length of time programmed in the control panel. The two forward manifolds shall wash the interior and exterior of the grease extractor. All controls and components for operation of the water wash system shall be housed in the Ventilator Control Cabinet.


  • Closure Panels – for canopies below ceiling level
  • Backsplash
  • Side Skirts
  • KFR – Filter Removal Tool
  • LED Dimmable Lighting
  • Recessed Fluorescent or Incandescent Lighting
  • Incandescent Globe Type Lights
  • MEP – Master Electrical Panels
  • Face or Remote Mounted Switch Panels
  • Factory Pre-piped Fire Protection
  • Powder Coating in a Variety of Colors
  • Custom/Design Stainless Steel Exterior Textures and Finishes
  • Listed Exhaust Duct Balancing Damper
  • Hood Mounted Fire Cabinet
  • M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Control w/VFD by Halton


  • KVC-WW – Water wash hood with supply air (UL)



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  • Halton HC5-25 HC5-25WaterWashCP SS059


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