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KVD – Hood for dishwashing areas (CE)

Main features: ◦ For industrial dishwashers ◦ Integrated low velocity makeup air ◦ CE marked ◦ UKCA pending

Main benefits: ◦ Efficiently captures, condenses and removes steam from the exhaust air ◦ Better hygiene for the ductwork ◦ Better thermal comfort thanks to draft risk's reduction

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Halton steam hoods are suitable for the dishwashing areas. In general, they are also well suited for applications where grease filtration is not the main requirement.

Fully compatible with M.A.R.V.E.L. airflow and energy optimization technology, they ideally complement Halton's Capture™ Jet hoods and ventilated ceilings, especially for LEED (1), BREEAM (2), DGNB (3) etc projects.


The dishwashing areas are often considered as secondary. And yet, if some provisions are not taken, the working conditions inside can easily become a nightmare and hygiene of the kitchenware supposed to be clean can also be compromised.

Dishwashing areas are indeed characterised by important heat and humidity loads, not only coming from the washing equipment but also from the kitchenware that come out and continue to cool down and dry where they are stored. Germs and bacteria coming from guests' plates and trays as well as detergent constitutes additional pollutants. Noise of the equipment should also be taken into account.

The Water Wash technology is designed to automatically carry out the regular filters cleaning, with no outside intervention necessary. It saves a lot on filters cleaning cost. The productivity, the hygiene and the fire safety are also improved.

KVD hoods are designed to remove the steam released by dishwashing equipment. They are equipped with specially configured deflectors to separate the moisture from the extracted air.

KVD hoods are also equipped with a low-velocity makeup-air built into the front face.

Main features and benefits

  • Front Capture Jet™ on KVD as an option for a better steam capture.
  • Better hygiene thanks to less condensation in the extract ducts.
  • Deflectors removable without tool, of max 500 mm width to be easy to clean in a dishwasher.
  • Surface LED light fitting (IP54, IK10). DALI compatible power supply as an option.
  • Better capture efficiency and comfort for the staff thanks to a low-velocity diffuser built into the front.

About Diswhashing areas' ceilings

Halton's hygienic and rigid suspended Ceiling (HSC) has been specifically designed for areas with strict hygiene requirements, such as dishwashing areas. It distinguishes itself not only by a high cleanability and stability over time, but also by materials and provisions that greatly limit the build-up of potential contaminants on its surface. More information about HSC.


  1. Visible outer envelope in stainless steel AISI 304 (1,0 mm).
  2. Exhaust plenum.
  3. Removable deflectors (one being equipped with handles).
  4. Upper baffle chicane.
  5. Bottom baffle chicane.
  6. Condense channel.
  7. Condensates drain.
  8. Collection tray as an option.
  9. Exhaust connection(s) and sliding damper(s).
  10. When the hood is connected to a ductwork serving serving other hoods equipped with M.A.R.V.E.L. energy optimization technology (MRV), the sliding damper is replaced by ABD automated slim balancing damper or alternatively with a Constant Air Volume.
  11. T.A.B.™ (Testing And Balancing) pressure port(s) for quick airflow calculation during ductwork balancing operations.
  12. LED light fitting 20 or 36W, IP54, IK10
  13. Makeup-air plenum.
  14. Perforated front face with honeycomb structure for a low velocity makeup air.
  15. Supply air connection and adjustment damper (type MSM).


- Above 3100 mm, hoods are an assembly of separate sections to make transportation and site handling easier.

- Rectangular connections on request.


  • KVD – Hood for dishwashing areas (CE)



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  • KVD Med integrerad tilluft



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  • KVD 带有集成送风系统



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