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VARIO Halton Vario System för högklassiga kontor

Halton Vario-systemet är en total inomhusklimatlösning från ventilationsprodukter till övervakning av rum, zoner eller hela systemet. Halton verifierar också ditt systems prestanda så att du kan vara säker på att byggnadens inomhusklimat är precis som designat från dag ett.

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Promote energy efficiency, layout flexibility, and user satisfaction

Green buildings are sound investments and good places to work. They promote wellbeing as well as long-term financial benefits like increased rents, longer contracts, and greater building valuations.
Halton Vario solution not only makes green buildings a reality, it makes them more energy efficient, more flexible to layout changes, and more comfortable to work in than ever before.

Halton Vario is a total indoor climate solution from ventilation products to controls for rooms, zones, and at the system level. Halton also verifies the performance of your system so you can be sure that your building’s indoor climate is exactly as designed from day one.

Reduce energy consumption by up to 50%

Halton Vario solution is up to 50% more energy-efficient than conventional air-conditioning systems. For the first time in the history of chilled beam systems, the system monitors space usage, controlling and adjusting cooling and ventilation according to the demand. Thanks to the smart controls the indoor environment conditions are maintained at an optimal level.

Radically lower churn costs with a fully flexible system

Applying Halton Vario solution office spaces can be converted in to a meeting (and vice versa) in 15 minutes or less. Airflow rate is automatically adjusted based on air quality and occupancy, and boosted when a meeting room is in use.

As a result, Halton Vario’s ventilation system’s churn costs are significantly lower than those of a traditional system. Advanced flexibility also makes short tenancy contracts more profitable for facility owners, and the layout of the building is no longer a limiting factor for building users.

Halton Vario for category A indoor environments

Halton Vario controls ventilation and room air temperature demand-based. Halton Vario provides A class indoor environmental quality that is specified in regular cited international standards (ISO EN 7730, EN 15251 and CR 1752).

Comfortable thermal conditions and indoor air quality create productive working conditions and users’ complaints on indoor conditions are minimal. Satisfied tenants stay longer and increase tenant occupancy rates in real properties.

Halton services (Halton Validate and Survey services) guarantee operation prerequisites in installation and commissioning phases and finally adjust personalized indoor conditions in occupied buildings.

Promote user satisfaction with superior indoor climate quality

Thanks to Halton Vario’s demand-based ventilation, your indoor environmental conditions will always be excellent, promoting the satisfaction and productivity of your building’s users.

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