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Halton is following action plans regarding the new coronavirus pandemic and doing its best to prevent the spread of the virus.

For us, the priority lies in taking all precautions necessary for ensuring the safety of our staff and partners and protecting the weakest in society. We are following the coronavirus situation both at the national and international levels and will comply in all respects with regulations and recommendations issued by health and other authorities.

Under these conditions, we are also doing our utmost to ensure the continuation of our products and services, and the work of our employees based on careful precautions, considering the constantly changing circumstances.

Mika Halttunen – Chairman of the Board, Halton Group

Conducting business during the pandemic

We are following and coordinating the implementation of COVID-19 related guidelines and our operations during the pandemic globally. As a multi-national company, we cooperate closely across countries and support our units as allowed by current conditions.

Serving our customers

We will keep all our partners up to date on any changes, and answer any questions with the help of our country units. Please find country-specific contacts for additional information via “Contact us” on the top of the page.