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Striving towards net-zero objectives in the nuclear sector

June 10, 2021

Flamgard Calidair has a wealth of experience in designing and supplying high-integrity damper solutions for the nuclear industry, and has recently become even more involved in the development of new nuclear supply chains for Britain.

Sustainability, net-zero and nuclear energy…

Nuclear power is an essential part of the United Kingdom’s energy strategy, and has a similar role to play in countless countries around the world. Nuclear power plants enable the country to generate low-carbon energy, and next-generation facilities such as Hinkley Point C in Somerset will be able to support as many as 6 million homes per year. This is a huge step forward for the Government’s net-zero objectives, and Flamgard Calidair is ready to support the development of new nuclear facilities on a much wider scale.

As part of Halton Group, Flamgard contributes to a comprehensive product offering for the nuclear industry. As well as Flamgard’s high-integrity dampers, nuclear developers and stakeholders can access a huge range of solutions including central vacuum cleaning systemsdiffusersdroplet separators and much more besides.

What’s more, it is now easier than ever for customers to view Halton Group’s nuclear solutions, as well as products for other heavy industry applications, following the launch of the improved Heavy Industry 3D World. The 3D World provides clients with a real-world visualisation of Flamgard and Halton Group’s product offering while showcasing individual products and linking back to the main Halton website for more information.

A total solutions approach for nuclear applications

Although next-generation nuclear power plants will be crucial for meeting the United Kingdom’s energy needs, they do not represent the entirety of the industry.

  • Decommissioning: at the end of a power station’s lifecycle, careful measures must be taken to decommission the site safely and ultimately return the land to an end-state ready for re-use. Flamgard has experience in nuclear decommissioning projects, and the company’s solutions support safety for onsite staff and other parties in close proximity.
  • New-build: Flamgard offers a range of tested solutions for new-build nuclear facilities, including the BS EN 1366-2 and BS EN 1751 compliant CFD-01 ICB Insulated Fire Damper. Suitable for deployment throughout nuclear plants, Flamgard also offers blast dampers, shut off dampers and further bespoke solutions.
  • Future developments: There are major developments on the horizon for the nuclear sector, including small modular reactors (SMRs) and even fusion reactions. With the combined research and development capacity of Flamgard Calidair and Halton Group, both companies will strive to stay abreast of the latest advancements to best support customers on a global scale.

Managing the transition to a new generation in the deployment of nuclear power is undoubtedly complex, and more robust safety systems than ever will be required.

By levelling up the company’s nuclear offering and working closely with customers and the wider market, Flamgard and Halton Group will ensure wellbeing for workers in the nuclear sector and support overall progress towards net-zero objectives.

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Shuresh Maran
Segment Director, Heavy Industry at Halton