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Gu Xiao Lin
Marine Project Department Manager – China

13 years ago, when Xiaolin Gu first time walked into the office of Halton Shanghai as a technical engineer, Halton was ramping up the operations. He remembers his first thoughts: “My god this is a really small company!” This first shock turned into determination and quickly he said to himself:  “That’s O.K let’s start work”.

The company ramp up included lots of different types of activities: he learned and worked for products design, production, quality and procurement. Slowly the factory produced the first product, got the first certificate and finally the first order which value more than 1M RMB. Over time the operation has expanded welcoming over 100 new Haltonians.

Time goes fast and many Xiaolin Gu remembers many nice memories and experience in his Halton career: “I have been in Korea, Japan, Singapore and Thailand to supply services to the customer. I am happy that I solve the problems for customer. As a team leader of project management now, I look forward to sharing my experience and help my team achieve new successes”.