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Meet us at CLIMA 2022 in Rotterdam, NL, on May 22-25

CLIMA 2022 REHVA World Congress is the leading international scientific congress in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Meet us at the 14th REHVA HVAC World Congress in Rotterdam in may!

From now to 2030 the world of HVAC will change radically. Fuelled by irreversible influences, the current demands on climate installations will change completely. To meet global climate goals and pursue the EU Green Deal, the regulatory environment on building performance, decarbonisation and the energy transition will change in 2022 within the ‘EU Fit for 55 package’, while the Renovation wave strategy aims at the deep energy renovation of up to 35 million buildings by 2030. CLIMA 2022 will focus on 5 themes related to this massive transformation that is on the horizon: Energy, Circularity, Digitization, Health & Comfort and Learning & Education. CLIMA 2022 will have its EYE ON 2030.

Learn more at CLIMA 2022 and register here to get your ticket.

Halton is proud to be the Theme Sponsor of Health & Comfort. We are hosting a 2h workshop on Safety in indoor Settings on Monday May 23rd, focusing on the following topics:

With a focus on Safety in Indoor Settings during or after pandemics, the Halton Workshop introduces new research initiatives and solutions designed for improving occupants’ Safety, Health and Comfort in hospitals, offices, and restaurants and for addressing the challenges with upgrading or designing safe HVAC systems.

Halton has invited Professor Piia Sormunen (University of Tampere, Finland), who oversees the E3 project (Excellence in Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions Co-Innovation), to share insights on methods of preventing viral infectious diseases indoors to maintain a viable society during pandemics.

Healthcare workers are at high risk of exposure to airborne infections and other occupational health risks in their daily work with patients. Introducing special airflow solutions to hospitals is challenging if they impact work practices of HCW. Examples of indoor environmental solutions for HCW and patient safety, designed for user convenience and flexibility, are discussed as well as study results of exposure in offices.

One of the most important steps directly contributing to a Safe Return to restaurants in pandemic situations, is designing the HVAC system to reduce airborne infection. Halton presents a solution for minimizing the spread of airborne contaminants by utilizing displacement ventilation in combination with local exhaust in kitchens.

Join our workshop to connect with our experts from all over Europe! 

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Director, Customer Journey
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