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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Now Available for Halton FCE Fire Damper (EI 60 S)

Halton FCE fire dampers are CE-marked according EN 15650:2010 and tested according to EN 1366-2 standard. Halton FCE fire dampers are used as safety-related components in ventilation systems to prevent fire and smoke spreading through ducting.
EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration. It is a standardized document providing transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products. This EPD has been verified in accordance with ISO 14025 by an independent, third-party verifier by reviewing results, documents and compliancy with reference standard, ISO 14025 and ISO 14040/14044, following the process and checklists of the program operator for:
● This Environmental Product Declaration
● The Life-Cycle Assessment used in this EPD
● The digital background data for this EPD.

Download certificate here.