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“Halton Breathe” 1/2024 –Magazine Published

Welcome to “Breathe,” your window into the World of Halton. In each issue, we’ll share insights from different business areas, celebrate our achievements, and offer a word from ownership. Get ready to dive into the heart of our organization and breathe in the essence of what makes us extraordinary.

“Breathe” is published every half year and is also shared with our customers and stakeholders.
As we follow our company’s sustainable principles, we publish the magazine only online.

In this issue:

🔹 A word from the ownership room by Krista Halttunen
🔹 CEO’s view to the year 2024
🔹 News from Business Areas

🔹 Creating positive experiences in Shanghai
🔹 Strategic leap in service business
🔹 Segment spotlight – Cleanrooms
🔹 Hinkley Point C – Energizing the UK

🔹 #WeRHalton

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Read the magazine by clicking this link or the picture below.




Kind regards,

Salla Ahlberg