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Halton launches new diffuser range designed for sustainable production

October 16, 2023

The newly launched ceiling diffuser and balancing plenum range has been developed to support the sustainability targets of Halton’s customers.

Halton Group has set its sustainability target to become carbon neutral in 2023. As a manufacturing company, the majority of Halton’s emissions arise from materials used and energy consumed in production, and from the energy consumed by products during their lifecycle.

Halton continuously invests in research and development to provide solutions that help our customers save energy and reduce the building lifecycle carbon footprint. Halton has been granted a sliver-level EcoVadis certificate, demonstrating our commitment to the environment, labour, human rights, ethics, and sustainability. The EcoVadis certificate helps us demonstrate documented evidence of our sustainability efforts.

Halton’s newest launch in the scope of more climate-friendly products is the Halton Jaz diffuser and Halton Pop plenum range, consisting of four renewed ceiling diffusers and a balancing plenum. All products have been designed to align with the corporate sustainability goals to meet the following requirements:

  • Sustainable production with reduced waste
  • Production close to markets
  • Excellent performance in terms of airflow range and flexibility
  • Comfortable indoor environmental conditions through silent operation

The improved product features are a result of the dedicated efforts of the Halton team.

Read more about the new product range here:

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