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City Foundry STL – Public Market

City Foundry STL – Public Market,
St. Louis, MO

The walls of City Foundry STL sit along I-64, one of the region’s busiest highways, but Midtown has quickly become the place to stop, rather than just an area to pass through. City Foundry STL is a place in the heart of the city to gather, eat, work and play.

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City Foundry STL has 11 kitchens and concepts serving up unique dishes in the first wave of openings. Three of the kitchens serve breakfast, all 11 will offer lunch and between eight and 10 will be open for dinner and evening drinks. The central bar concept, The Kitchen Bar, will be serving up cocktails, wine, and local beers.

The kitchen concepts will bring a range of flavors, from Argentinian to Senegalese to Asian-Mexican fusion, waffles, popsicles, and cheesecakes.

The Mechanical Engineers on this project were G&W Engineering Corp.-MO. G&W Engineering believed in the Halton systems and the support that he had been receiving from the initial design concept, and they were keen to maintain project specifications due to the unique mechanical requirements that Halton is known for executing.

The project was a build-out inside a landmark St. Louis Foundry.  The roof, for the most part, was supported by glass ventilation windows and during its operating days, the foundry workers would open the windows to regulate cooling within the space.  Much of the original steel structure, hoists for the vats that contained molten metals, and a few furnaces remain in the space as a tribute to the hardworking culture that St. Louis is known.

The roof was not structurally sound to support standard rooftop exhaust and replacement air fans. Therefore the ducting is all run overhead internally to two separate exhaust fans located in an indoor mechanical space.  There were two exhaust fans that served a total of 15 Capture Jet hoods, each in a different tenant space.  The unique M.A.R.V.E.L. control requirements requested by the Controls Engineer were prepared by Halton’s Network Operating Center.  The need was for a continuous network; however, Halton’s Network Operating Center presented a more favorable dual network approach which was approved. The unique ability of Halton’s IoT platform and technical support allows this type of collaboration for project-specific designs. Special consideration was built in for future tenant spaces to bring their hoods online when the kitchen spaces became occupied, and ducting was connected to the main trunk line.

The project was installed in delayed stages due to the pandemic however The City Foundry is now operational today and is a showcase for all to see.

Project Team

Foodservice Representative: Burlis-Lawson

Mechanical Engineer  G&W Engineering

Kitchen Equipment Contractor: Rapids Wholesale Equipment 

Architect: Lawrence Group

Installation: C&R Mechanical

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