.Ancora Restaurant

West Vancouver, BC, Canada (2019)

Ancora in  West Vancouver, B.C. is a highly acclaimed and awarded restaurant in the waterfront Ambleside development. Voted Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants along with Chef of the Year, Ricardo Valverde.

Ancora’s cuisine is based on sustainable seafood while sourcing local and international ingredients. It draws inspiration from its Pacific Northwest surroundings.

Ancora's choose Halton for their mixed-use development solution.




A significant design challenge for the restaurant at the Grosvenor Properties’ Ambleside location was its proximity to high-end residential properties. The directive from the developer was to ensure that the latest and most effective “odor critical” abatement systems were incorporated into the design.  Also, the mechanical design engineer was following ASHRAE 90.1 compliance for energy savings as well as ensuring low sound levels. 

The design team also incorporated a theatre-like open kitchen and bar that invites guests to engage with the chef and sommelier teams and showcases the space’s sweeping panoramic views via high ceilings and windows.  

Halton’s solution for this open kitchen concept was to incorporate our Capture Ray UV-C hood systems to break down the grease at the hood source. This aids in reducing grease deposition in the ductwork and provides an initial level of ozone which acts on odor producing gases volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Controlling the system to reduce energy use is the M.A.R.V.E.L. II demand control system. This control platform allows for multiple hoods to operate independently. Also, it is the common controls platform that monitors the PolluStop operation and maintenance cycle. To mitigate concerns regarding odor discharge, a PolluStop with an ESP and Carbon panels were designed for the project. The Halton “nose” monitors VOC’s and determines when the carbon needs to be replaced.  The low-velocity KCD supply air diffusers were used due to their superior performance and quiet operation in such a prestigious setting.

The results are a comfortable, quiet, efficiently operating restaurant that receives no complaints regarding odor from its neighbors.


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Products and Technologies

Products Installed

Pollution Control System with ESP and Carbon

Capture Ray UV Hood with Capture Jet Technology

M.A.R.V.E.L.II - Demand Control Ventilation 

Kitchen Supply Air Ceiling Diffusers

Ansul R-102 Fire Protection

Note: Halton has a policy of continuous product development. The products visible on the pictures used to illustrate our references may differ, whether it comes to the appearance or the technical specifications, compared to the technologies and products described on this website

Customer Feedback

Ancora Restaurant, West Vancouver, BC Canada
“Ancora Ambleside, the second location of the acclaimed Ancora Waterfront Dining & Patio, represents a modern design offering a fine dining experience in the picturesque setting of Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver.  The beauty of this location means that it is also a very appealing place to live so Ancora shares its building with a number of ultra-luxury condominium suites directly above.   This presents a specific and challenge in managing the effluent that is discharged from our kitchen.  No one wants to constantly smell cooking odors in his/her home, even from a kitchen producing haute cuisine.  To mitigate this risk our design consultants specified the Halton Odor Critical Carbon Panel module with odor sensor and Pollustop technology.  This system is giving us the results we expect and require; no odor complaints from our neighbors or patrons.  We are pleased with its performance.”

                                   - Marco Pegoraro, Project Manager of Viaggio Hospitality Group

Project Team

Foodservice Consultant
Smartdesign Group
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Mechanical Engineer
SRC Engineering 

Foodservice & Mechanical Representative
Dynamic HVAC