50 000th FDB2 manufactured at Halton Marine factory


50 000th FDB2 manufactured at Halton Marine factory in Lahti, Finland

The personnel at the Halton Marine fire damper workshop gathered for a group photo next to the 50 000th FDB2 fire and gas damper. The fire damper was completed on 25th of April for a long-time customer based in Denmark.

Fire and gas dampers are used to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gas within the ventilation ductwork. Halton Marine FDB2, together with its predecessor FDB, is the most widely sold marine fire and gas damper in the world.

What sets FDB2 apart?

Halton Marine has manufactured FDB-type fire and gas dampers over 20 years. Ever since the beginning, the product development of this product has been driven by need for robustness, tightness and flexibility. During the years, the FDB2s have gone through a substantial amount of different testing like fire testing, leakage testing, shock testing and even cold condition testing. The damper is approved by most recognized classification societies in the world. As a quality procedure, the functionality of each individual damper is tested and verified before accepted as Halton FDB2.

Today Halton FDB2 is in use around the seven seas. The dampers are contributing to the fire safety on board cruise ships, ferries, offshore vessels and platforms as well as naval vessels such as submarines.

Salla Ahlberg
Marketing Manager, Halton Marine

Halton FDB2's are always manufactured according to the customer's specification.