Halton Group acquires U.S. indoor air equipment manufacturer

The acquisition is preceded by a long history between the two companies that has its roots in development work done within the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and...

Meet us at RoomVent 2018

Join the conference to hear our specialists present the latest findings in Energy Performance of Buildings and CFD Simulations.

Meet Halton’s first WELL AP

Anna Gagneur, Marketing and Wellbeing Manager, is the first WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) at Halton.

Halton ensures fire safety of pandas

The Ähtäri Zoo Snowpanda House is equipped with CE-marked fire dampers supplied by Halton.

Rakennusinsinööriliitto palkitsi Inoroomin

Suomen Rakennusinsinöörien Liitto RILin myöntämän RIL-Palkinnon 2017 on saanut InoroomTM-leikkaussalikonsepti. Valinnan teki asiantuntijatuomariston valitseman kolmen finalistin joukosta liikenne-...
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