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The main navigation on will change as of Monday, August 21. Two new menu links, "BUILDINGS" and "HEALTH", will replace the former category "HALTON".

Halton Jaz diffusers available now

New Halton Jaz Sky Ceiling and Halton Jaz Rain Ceiling diffusers available now.

Halton France obtains CSTB approval for its occupancy detection and CO2 management solutions.

Halton introduces the new MODULR+ and MODULO2 solutions, demand controlled ventilation system for non-residential buildings, approved by the prestigious French certification authority CSTB (Centre...

Offices with Halton's solutions and products awarded

We are happy to inform you that offices with Halton's solutions were awarded in the competitions in Poland.

Halton is a research partner of LowUp project

Halton is a research partner of LowUp project - to make heating and cooling more efficient and more sustainable.

2016 Best Paper Award for Panu Mustakallio

2016 Best Paper Award for Panu Mustakallio, Development Manager in Halton Oy, and the coauthors.

Halton provides chilled beams for the new Generali tower in Milan

Halton delivers chilled beams with integration option to LED luminaires for the 170-meter-tall Generali tower currently being constructed in Milan

Halton Group penetrated Japanese chilled beam market

Halton has provided two significant Japanese corporations, YKK Group and Primix Corporation, with chilled beam solutions in the companies' new premises in Tokyo and near Osaka. Both building...
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