Eaton Center

Toronto, Canada (2012)

Toronto’s Eaton Centre Urban Eatery opened its doors in 2012 and Torontonians were introduced to a new food experience. 
Twenty-four self-service restaurants welcome you offering a variety of menus - from authentic Japanese to popular Indian cuisine to savory Thai dishes. Of course there are North American favorites, as well as wholesome vegetarian and vegan options.

The Project Challenges

The Developer worked with Halton on a previous food court and knew that Halton could help with some challenges on this, their flagship property/With 24 food service operators in the space, exhausting and controlling them was the biggest challenge. In addition, The Eaton Centre is in the heart of Toronto and the effluent had to be as clean as possible. The food court resides 3 levels below the street and the roof 9 stories above the street. With an existing infrastructure in place it would be cost prohibitive to run 24 separate chases to accommodate each tenant.

The initial design called for 7 separate Ecology units equipped with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). 
Multiple tenants would be on each Ecology. How do you control each tenant’s exhaust system based on their operational requirements independent of the each other? The answer was M.A.R.V.E.L.! 
The number of duct chases was reduced to 7 from 24 and each tenant exhaust rate was automatically controlled based on cooking activity. A unique control algorithm was developed to ensure that all fire system interfaces were independently controlled as well. 
The Capture Ray™ UV system was incorporated into the design to break down grease and keep the labyrinth of ductwork free of residual grease.  

Products and Technologies

Halton Solutions

Capture Ray™

Many kitchens require emission control in their exhaust systems to comply with the increasing demand for environmentally friendly operations. Our Capture Ray™ hoods are based on Halton patented Capture Jet® solution, advanced mechanical KSA filter technology and a UV-C system for the destruction of grease generated in the cooking process. Our UV-C technology is scientifically tested and includes all the necessary safety features. Together, these features result in clean ducts and improved fire safety.


Halton’s M.A.R.V.E.L. system is full of technological innovations representing the best expression of the Halton High Performance Kitchen (HPK) concept. This is the first truly intelligent, responsive, and completely flexible demand controlled ventilation (DCV) system specifically designed for exhaust systems. M.A.R.V.E.L., in combination with Capture Jet® technology, offers the lowest levels of energy consumption currently possible and provides complete comfort for users.


Halton’s EcoloAirTM units meet the increasingly stringent environmental demands and building regulations that have placed considerable limitations on the location of commercial kitchens. Odor control, smoke and the appearance of exterior exhaust ducts are all factors that need particularly careful consideration in foodservice environmental design.

Products installed

(Capture Jet Hood with UV Technology and Supply Air)

(M.A.R.V.E.L. Intelligent Demand Controlled Ventilation system for professional kitchens)

Note: Halton has a policy of continuous product development. The products visible on the pictures used to illustrate our references may differ, whether it comes to the appearance or the technical specifications, compared to the technologies and products described on this website.

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