PCL - Halton ProClean - Central Vacuum Cleaning System

Halton ProClean

Central vacuum cleaning systems for professional use.

General benefits of central vacuum cleaning

Healthy: Removal of hazardous micro dust (the air is filtered, then blown out of the building).
Clean: Effective dust removal.
Silent: Silent and smell-free operation.
Efficient: More vacuuming power and 20-30% faster cleaning.
Economical: Cleaning of indoor air, with less cleaning of ventilation pipes and increased air-filter service life.

Benefits of the Halton Central vacuum cleaning

Minimized disturbance: Silent and odor free operation. No need for isolating spaces due to cleaning.
 • High durability: 
       -   Ecological. Halton ProClean central vacuum cleaning system is designed to last as long as the vessel.
       -   Low maintenance and servicing requirements.
       -   Central unit, inlet valves, and cleaning valves all made of sturdy metal.
       -   Pipelines designed to withstand heavy use and high underpressure.

No blockages in pipelines: Cleaning valves at the end of horizontal trunk pipes with automatic pipe flushing feature.

Efficient: Lightweight, fast and easy to use. 20-30% faster to use than traditional systems.

Space saving: Unties space for cabin and public area design.

An easy choice: Available from components to whole scope including design services and installation.

A central vacuum cleaner brings a new kind of comfort to living in a block of flats by improving
indoor air quality and facilitating cleaning – comforts that have long been available in detached
houses. The system is easy to install, particularly with modern prefabricated pipe elements.
A central unit in its compact sealed body can be positioned with ease. Halton offers services
that extend from design to installation and maintenance. We help you to implement a reliable
central vacuum-cleaning system that is easy to design.

System design

Central unit is on located on the ground floor / cellar and from there the suction piping is divided
throughout the building. Piping is tree-like where branches are smaller than trunk pipe; sizes are
between Ø 50 – Ø 110 mm. Piping is easy to route in lowered ceilings. Pipe material is PVC or
galvanized steel depending on fire regulations. A firestop collar is used between fire zones.
Inlet valves are located so all areas can easily be vacuumed with 8-12 m vacuuming hose.
Buildings requiring more than six simultaneous users are designed with multiple central units.
Vacuumed air is blown out of the building through the roof of the building.

Contact Halton Marine sales offices around the world or directly our Central Vacuum Cleaner specialist;


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We have delivered hundreds of central vacuum cleaning and other suction systems around the world since 1990. We were known as Puzair Ltd until 2010, when the whole business became part of Halton Oy.

Regular maintenance helps ensure the complete operational functionality for even to the oldest of our systems.

The need for servicing our systems is very small and already once a year executed system service will ensure high system lifetime and user satisfaction. Please contact your local Halton sales office for service availability in your area.

Our cleaning equipment spares are also compatible with other central vacuum systems.

Please find the quotation form for spare parts on DOWNLOAD tab.

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