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Halton KDS-W kitchen utility distribution system
Halton KDS-W kitchen utility distribution system

KDS-W – Kitchen utility distribution systems (UL)

UL Listed – The Halton KDS-W Kitchen Distribution System (KDS) is a custom built general utility center that provides distribution controls for as many foodservice equipment mechanical services as require. It can include any combination of gas, hot water, cold water, chilled water, compressed air, electrical power, fi re and safety control, steam supply and condensate return line… all in a single stainless steel structure.


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  • Electrical – Main breaker and shunt trip, distribution breakes and the required industrial breakers. Single phase or 3-phase safety shunt trip breakers.
  • Gas – Gas main with automatic shut off valve, tap for equipment, and shut off valve for each piece of equipment served.
  • Water – Hot and cold water lines with taps and valves for separate equipment requirements
  • Steam – Steam and condensate returns with taps and valves.
  • Controls – Built in controls for fire system interlock and fan controls.
  • Equipment Label – Identifies appliance connection locations.