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AZ St.-Elisabeth Herentals Hospital

AZ St.-Elisabeth hospital, halton chilled beam

Belgium, Herentals (2019)

AZ St.-Elisabeth Herentals is a modern and dynamic hospital that offers professional basic care. It has 243 beds, spread over different nursing wards. About 800 employees, including 130 doctors. Herentals hospital has a long history. After all, the Sint-Elisabethgasthuis in Herentals dates from 1253, making it the oldest guest house in the Kempen. Today, the chapel and the home of the Gasthuiszusters (where the administrative services of the OCMW are now housed) can still be seen from the original institution.

AZ St.-Elisabeth hospital chose Halton chilled beams to the patient rooms and doctor’s offices, following Hospital’s motto “We guarantee quality and care!”

AZ St.-Elisabeth Herentals, halton chilled beam

AZ St.-Elisabeth Herentals

AZ St.-Elisabeth Herentals

AZ St.-Elisabeth Herentals