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Chacko Philipose
Financial Controller – Malaysia

Chacko Philipose has been with Halton Malaysia, since 1997, and was also involved with the company’s incorporation in June 1995.

He is currently the Financial Controller for Asia & Middle East. His main responsibility is to oversee the financial operation of Halton companies and Representative Offices in Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India and UAE. He also oversees the HR functions and responsibilities of these regions as well.

When asked what you like about Halton, he replied “what I love about Halton, is the friendly working environment, the comradeship, that exists throughout the Halton Group of Companies. I like to quote a very good friend of mine, from Japan, who said “No Halton No Life”, 😊. The message from the top management during this COVID-19 pandemic, is to stay strong and positive, which I find very reassuring.”

Since 1997 to 2019, he has been directly involved in the opening of Halton companies and Representative offices, in Asia, UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “This has given me a huge amount of insight, knowledge and experience about the financial and HR operations in these countries. This experience that I have gained is something money cannot buy.”

This is what Chacko feels about his future with Halton, “I am very proud and honoured to have grown with Halton, from being present in one country in Asia to now in twelve countries and I would like to still be involved in the continued growth of Halton in the Asian and Middle East regions.”