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Geoff Shi
Project Developing Manager – China

Geoff Shi has been part of Halton Ventilation Shanghai (HVS) for over 6 yeas. His thoughts in the middle of 2020: “This is my first job after achieved the engineering master degree, and believe it will be the only one, I feel good  working in Halton.”

Geoff joined halton as a Foodservice project engineer. This position is a bridge between sales and factory. His responsibility is to keep projects going smoothly for the customers. This requires good communication and cooperation skills. “Thanks to good engagement of all departments, we are lucky to see HVS getting stronger.” he says.

In 2018, LEAN department was created in HVS, he became a project developing manager. “I’m proud to say, it was lucky that I was involved in several significant projects, such as UVC localization, KFC Lean production line etc.” he says.

Geoff summarizes his experience so far: “At Halton I can see fairness, trust, and opportunity. Even if the factory is fairly far from home (50 km) from the factory I am still proud of my choice and enjoy this job.”