Towards future growth

Halton's Foodservice business in Asia continues to grow. Halton opened a new R&D centre in Malaysia in March 2013 and moved its Malaysian production to larger premises in November 2013. Later, the company also opened sales units in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.

In USA, Halton acquired Current Energy Inc., a company providing automation and remote management products and services, in 2011. Along with this acquisition, Halton took a step towards providing IoT solutions.

In Brazil, Latin America, Halton entered into a joint venture with the Refrin company that brought along a new factory, in 2014. Sales units were opened in Mexico and Chile.

During the decade, Halton has also made substantial investments in its factory or R&D premises elsewhere: Halton opened a factory in Dunaharaszti, Hungary in 2011, the Lahti factory expansion in Finland was completed in 2015 and two years later the Reit im Winkl factory expansion in South Germany held its opening. In less than a year from that, a factory renovation is completed in Bethune, France, including the local Innovation Hub and demonstration kitchen for Halton technologies.

To sharpen its focus and to gain resources for core operations, Halton sold its Clean Air filter business in 2015. Same year, Halton acquired an air purification company, Air Scrubbers, in USA hence bringing along new technology for the use of Halton's solutions. The company's acquisitions continued in 2017 when Halton acquired the French Diffus'Air company that delivers turnkey indoor air solutions, a field of operation complementing the rest of Halton's French business.

Besides acquisitions, Halton has entered into strategic partnerships and alliances to promote the company's general aim to have its technology integrated into other leading products and solutions in Halton's target environments. In 2015, Halton was one of three companies to introduce the joint INOROOMTM turnkey operating room solution for hospitals. In 2017, Halton entered into another strategic alliance, this time in professional kitchen solutions with Welbilt, a leading worldwide supplier of commercial foodservice equipment, to facilitate the integration of Halton's ventilation systems into a wide range of the partner's equipment. Halton is open for corresponding opportunities in all its business segments for future.

Halton will continue to further advance its globally unique indoor environment expertise and offering, and to grow both through acquisitions and partnering as well as organically, expanding not only geographically but also in terms of introducing a more extensive set of technologies for a more holistic user experience, taking the users' wellbeing in indoor environments to a new level.