LFU - Laminar Flow Unit

For Makeup Air from Ceiling

Uncontrolled drafts can totally ruin the Capture & Containment capacity of hoods and ventilated ceilings. When carefully designed, ceiling laminar flow units free the kitchen occupied zone from drafts. They contribute directly to the reduction of the exhaust airflow rates while improving the working conditions.

Compared to units installed directly in the occupied zone, LFU laminar flow units represent the best compromise between the blowing surface area and the kitchen supply efficiency.


  • Better compromise between the blowing surface area and the level of energy savings and comfort for the staff.
  • The combination of the Capture Jet™ technology and the LFU Laminar Flow Units reduces the supply airflow rates:
    - By up to 15% for ventilated ceilings;
    - By up to 35% for hoods.
  • Heat loads transmitted to the occupied zone reduced by up to 40%.
  • Reduction of the temperature by up to 15%(in the occupied zone).
  • Much fewer drafts in the occupied zone leading to:
    - a better capture efficiency (thermal plumes);
    - a better comfort for the kitchen staff.
  • Lower sound pressure levels.