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Join us at The RC Show on April 8-10, 2024, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

LEVEL UP with Halton’s commercial kitchen ventilation solutions in Booth 2512 at Canada’s leading hospitality and foodservice event.

Unlock the full potential for your foodservice operations with Halton’s innovative solutions. From advanced recirculation and pollution control systems to the revolutionary Capture Jet hood technology, Halton empowers you with real-time data and control over your kitchen environment, no matter where you are. Experience the confidence and convenience of having Halton’s expertise at your fingertips, ensuring your kitchen runs at peak performance.

Prepare to witness groundbreaking innovation firsthand as Halton unveils innovative technologies and products, setting the stage for a new era of excellence!

Some technologies and services that we will be highlighting:

  • Halton SafeGuard System: Halton’s SafeGuard system combines energy savings, indoor environmental quality monitoring, and fire risk mitigation. With SafeGuard, you have critical information at your fingertips. Join us to learn more about Halton SafeGuard, Halton AirWatch, and Halton FireWatch!
  • RecoAir by Halton: Witness this remarkable recirculating system in person. RecoAir by Halton allows seamless connection to any Capture Jet hood without limitations on the connected power of electric appliances. It is a groundbreaking advancement in recirculating systems!
  • Halton Capture Jet Exhaust Hood: This hood stands as a model for the industry, offering unparalleled efficiency in capturing and containing.
  • Halton Service Network: At the core of an optimized and functional kitchen ventilation system lies a service company with unparalleled expertise and commitment. Explore the comprehensive services available from Halton.

Join us to witness the innovation firsthand from April 8th to April 10th at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, Canada, at Booth 2512!

Show Hours

Monday, April 8: 10am – 5pm
Tuesday, April 9: 10am – 5pm
Wednesday, April 10: 10am – 4pm

More Information

Sarah Marcotullio
Director of Marketing