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Meet us and let’s talk about energy efficiency in buildings

March 19, 2024

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with us!

The “Energy Efficient Buildings” exhibition is aimed at professionals from the construction, installation and real estate industries who want to learn about products, new technologies and conceptual solutions for energy-efficient and sustainable construction.

This topic is of the highest priority in the construction and real estate sector, as it meets the greatest challenges and has the greatest economic impact.

It is a pure trade fair and is aimed at architects, consultants, project engineers, business owners, and major contractors.

Meet Lars Hult and Pierre Löfvendahl to learn what we can offer concerning energy efficiency. Focus will be on M.A.R.V.E.L. energy saving technology which is designed for commercial kitchens. It offers unmatched savings while improving staff working conditions.

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• More info about the exhibition HERE.