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Halton Seminar: Unleash Creativity with Innovative HVAC on Board Cruise Ships

Experience the next wave of maritime innovation with our advanced HVAC solutions for cruise ship galleys that enable you to unleash your creativity. We are delighted to invite you to our Innovation Hub dedicated to commercial kitchens and galleys in Bethune, France on the 30th of May.


Bethune, France

Date & Time

Thursday, May 30th, 2024, at 09:00 AM


A full day

  • Halton Pollustop Pollution Control System Enabling More Flexible Galley Placement on Board: Case Icon of the Seas
  • A possiblity of Using Ventilated Ceilings on Board
  • Halton JES Extraction System for Architectural Cooking Concepts
  • Halton Skyline Culinary and Human Centric lights
  • Halton MobiChef Enabling Display Cooking Hubs
  • Future Innovations – sneak peek what is under development at Halton
  • Tour at the Innovation Hub & seeing the products and technologies in action


Inside information straight from the manufacturer what kind of new products and solutions are available in the market that enable more creativity on design.


A possibility to connect with your industry peers as well as share your hopes and dreams to the manufacturer.


Access to a unique Innovation Hub dedicated to commercial kitchen ventilation.


Understanding how Halton solutions contribute to Environmental, Social and Governance.

Interested in joining but need further information?

We’re excited to share more details and answer any questions you may have regarding the event. Please contact Salla Ahlberg – Head of Marketing at Halton Marine for detailed program. The enrollment closes on the 6th of May.

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HVAC Solutions for Architects

Check out our brochure HVAC Solutions for Architects for an overview of our ventilation solutions for kitchens, galleys, and display cooking areas.