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Download Halton’s new brochure, HVAC for Heavy Industry

HVAC can play a vital role in improving safety by providing good thermal conditions and protecting against hazards in the production process. In this brochure, we present an overview of Halton and Flamgard Calidair’s superior HVAC products and solutions for Heavy Industry applications.

We are proud to present Halton’s latest brochure, HVAC for Heavy Industry, which presents an overview of Halton and Flamgard Calidair’s products and solutions specifically designed for demanding Heavy Industry applications, including Nuclear, Petrochemical, Industrial and Infrastructural.

Click the brochure icon below to download the brochure. 

Free download (PDF)More information

Shuresh Maran
Business Development Director at Flamgard Calidair and Segment Director – Heavy Industry at Halton Marine


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