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Halton delivers central vacuum cleaning systems also for ships and offshore applications

Halton ProClean is an ideal solution for ships. Compared to traditional systems, Halton’s central vacuum cleaning system frees more space for cabins as only vacuum hoses need to be stored in a small housekeeping closet.

Halton’s unique module design of central vacuum cleaning, developed together with the Technical University of Tampere, Finland offers several benefits. The module design minimizes investment and maintenance. The system has a long life cycle, low life cycle costs including low maintenance needs.

Usually one module serves one fire zone. A module contains a central unit (a complete unit with cyclone and cartridge filter, dust container/dust pack, electric and logic control cabin, compressor), pipes, cable to inlet valves, inlet valves, cleaning valves and pneumatic pipes and cleaning tools. When a cleaning hose is plugged in an inlet valve, it starts a central unit. Sensors optimize vacuum cleaning power and minimize electric consumption continuously. When unplugged, the system is idle. One module serves 1-6 simultaneous users.

Halton ProClean advantages

  • Frees space for cabins
  • Lightweight, fast and easy to use
  • Long life cycle and low life cycle costs
  • Removes hazardous microdust and does not create dust raising swirls
  • More vacuuming power
  • Silent and odor-free operation
  • Available from components to whole scope
  • For new buildings and retrofits

Halton delivers ProClean central vacuum cleaning systems for different types of ships and offshore installations.

For more information on Halton ProClean, visit ProClean pages and contact Timo Kohtaniemi.

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Timo Kohtaniemi
Sales Team Manager