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Halton DSH – High efficiency droplet separator

Halton Ventilation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. starts to manufacture DSH aluminium version by the end of 2015.

Halton Ventilation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. starts to manufacture DSH aluminium version by the end of 2015.

Halton’s DSH high-efficiency droplet separators are designed for demanding applications such as marine, oil & gas, chemical, energy industries where reliability, easy installation and special design play an important role.

  • High droplet and moisture separation efficiency
    • Class A results (EN 13030:2001)
    • Minimum pressure drop
  • Performance tested according to EN 13030 test for louvres subjected to simulated rain, at the independent laboratory
  • Independent droplet removal efficiency testing carried out for single stage, two stage and three stage configurations
  • Tailored sizes and designs according to customer’s needs. Unlimited sizes with modular construction.
  • For wall and duct installations
  • Two and three stage units will include a coalescing and particulate filter. Normally these are a G4 panel filter or F7 bag filter.
  • The option of a mask louvre (ML) is available to architecturally disguise the vertical vane sections
  • A possibility to connect with Halton Marine fire or shut-off dampers resulting in saving of the space
  • Easy installation and commissioning. No special maintenance required.

We will be presenting DSH aluminium version at Marintec China 1.-4. December 2015.


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Kris Yu
General Sales Manager

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