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Halton Marine supplies galley ventilation solutions for 13 cruise ships on Meyer’s shipyards in Germany and Finland

Halton and shipyard company Meyer's ventilation contractor MAC Hamburg have agreed on providing Halton's indoor air solutions for 13 cruise ships built on the company's shipyards in Germany and Finland during the following 5 to 6 years. The contract includes six direct orders and options for seven ships.

The contract covers energy-saving Halton M.A.R.V.E.L. galley hoods that enable appropriate ventilation. Deliveries are tailored specifically for each ship according to their varying needs.

Halton’s advantages are the quality and energy-efficiency of their systems, and delivery process management from hood and air volume planning to implementation.

Professional kitchens are generally extremely demanding environments in terms of indoor air temperature, humidity, and cooking emissions conditions. In addition, reliability, fire safety, and hygiene are emphasised in a cruise ship environment.

– We are developing and testing our solution in close collaboration with the customer. We are also putting Halton’s exceptionally extensive expertise on demanding indoor air environments to use for developing new solutions for our customers, says Tommi Rantanen, the executive responsible for Halton Marine’s operations.

Halton provides the world’s widest range of indoor air solutions for demanding special environments from professional kitchens and ships to energy production environments, health care and laboratories, as well as demanding public buildings and workspaces.

Halton is the global market leader in galley ventilation solutions, as well as fire dampers, for ocean cruise ships. The company also manufactures state-of-the-art solutions for cabin ventilation.

– We have established our position in several international shipyards. With the deal signed now and the hood deliveries included in it we are further strengthening our market position with cruise ships, says Rantanen.

The contract with MAC Hamburg was signed in November 2016. Deliveries for the first project begin in the autumn of 2017. The deliveries, along with their options, are worth over 10M€.

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Tommi Rantanen
Managing Director, Halton Marine

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