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Halton promotes people’s wellbeing in hotel environments by providing clean and fresh indoor air with Halton’s central vacuum cleaning system (CVC)

Did you know that indoor air can be up to five times as polluted as outdoor air, causing severe allergic reactions and breathing problems? Poor indoor air is often caused by the lack of innovation and efficiency in traditional vacuum cleaners that circulate the air containing detrimental micro-dust back to the indoor space.

An equally unfavourable feature in traditional vacuum cleaners is that they tend to get damaged and broken easily. Having to replace vacuum cleaners with newer ones over and over again create eventually a massive amount of waste, not to mention the extra costs it causes.

This is where Halton’s central vacuum cleaning system (CVC) comes into play. Instead of circulating micro-dust back to the indoor air, CVC removes the dust right at its source and transports it directly to a waste collector. This results in fresh, clean and odourless air. CVC has a guaranteed long service life, as it can serve as long as the hotel building itself while requiring only minimal maintenance during its lifetime. Halton’s CVC system is simply the best and most sustainable vacuum cleaning solution in a hotel environment, promoting people’s wellbeing while delivering cost savings with a quick payback time.

Halton has completed over 2,500 industrial vacuum cleaning system installations with great customer satisfaction. Our track record includes installations in hotels, cruise ships, oil & gas platforms, offshore installation vessels, ice breakers and more. Every CVC system has been designed in collaboration with the customer, taking their practices for cleaning, as well as, the entire life-cycle of the building into consideration.

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Timo Kohtaniemi
Sales Team Manager