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Halton Revolutionizes Culinary Landscape with Innovative Solid Fuel Cooking Ventilation Solution

Unveiling a New Era of Flavor and Safety for Commercial Kitchens

Solid fuel cooking, renowned for its ability to infuse dishes with distinctive flavors, has long captivated food enthusiasts worldwide. Whether it’s the rich smokiness of hardwood, the aromatic allure of mesquite, or the consistent heat of briquettes, solid fuel cooking offers a sensory experience unlike any other. However, with these exceptional flavors come complex ventilation challenges that Halton’s experts have addressed.

Solid Fuel Cooking Ventilation

Halton’s Solid Fuel Ventilation System stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and safety. Recognizing the need for a ventilation solution that aligns with the unique demands of solid fuel cooking, Halton’s engineers have developed a comprehensive system that ensures operational and kitchen safety.

At the system’s core lies the  Continuous Mist Capture Jet Hood (KVE-CM), a revolutionary component designed to manage the challenges associated with solid fuel cooking. This cutting-edge hood incorporates advanced technology, such as KSA multi-cyclone filters and spark arrestors, effectively reducing exhaust duct temperatures and minimizing ember carryover risks – crucial factors in preventing hood and duct fires.

The system’s efficient source capture mechanism and the PolluStop Solid Fuel Pollution Control unit ensure optimal containment of particulate matter, ash, and smoke. This dual-pronged approach ensures a safer kitchen environment while adhering to the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Safety, quality, and innovation have always been hallmarks of Halton’s products, and the Solid Fuel Ventilation System is no exception. Halton’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond product implementation, with a dedicated Service Team offering tailored maintenance programs to ensure the system’s sustained peak performance.

With the introduction of their Solid Fuel Ventilation System, Halton has ignited a new era for commercial kitchens that embrace the art of solid fuel cooking. From enhancing flavors to prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility, Halton’s innovative solution reflects its dedication to pushing culinary boundaries.

For culinary professionals seeking to elevate their dishes while ensuring the safety of their kitchens, Halton’s Solid Fuel Ventilation System stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence.

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