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BLD non-return damper
BLD non-return damper

BLD – Non-return damper

Halton BLD non-return dampers are used in offshore and marine applications to prevent backflow through ventilation ductwork.

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  • Fixed frame in painted, galvanized or stainless steel. Blades of galvanized or stainless steel.
  • Models for horizontal or vertical installation
  • Available as ATEX certified
  • Leakage class (EN1751:2014) of closed damper up to class 2. Details available from Halton.
  • Blades contain silicone seal to lower the leakage through blades
  • Blades linked and open in parallel
  • Adjustable by changing the position of counterweights. Standard construction places weights on the right hand side, weights on the left hand side available as an option.
  • Maximum duct pressure for damper construction 5000 Pa and maximum air velocity 15 m/s. In case of high duct pressure, contact Halton Marine for finding the most suitable solution
  • Temperature operation range up to +100°C, optionally up to +180°C