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GEF – Grease Exhaust Fan (UL)

For Canada Only – UL/ULC Listed – Halton Grease Exhaust Fan provides maximum performance and durability in kitchen hood exhaust applications.

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Features and Benefits

  • UL and ULC listed for 3” (76mm) Clearance from Combustible Material – Allows for reduced roof openings.
  • Field Ducting Costs Reduced – Duct extensions through curb and roof is provided as an integral part of the fan.
  • Discharge Clearance of 40” (1016mm) – As required by NFPA 96, eliminated discharge ductwork above roof.
  • Electrical Installation Costs Reduced – An electrical conduit sleeve complete with high temperature wire supplied and installed with a disconnect switch as a complete part of the GEFA fan package. The conduit runs the complete length of the duct and the wire terminates approximately 6” (152mm) below the bottom of the duct stub.
  • Servicing Made Easy – Access doors to fan housing are completely removable.
  • Fan and Duct Cleaning Made Easy – The fan drive package section is hinged and pivots to allow access directly to the exhaust duct.
  • High Velocity Verticle Discharge – Average velocity 3000 FPM (15.24 m/s), as recommended by environmental authorities.