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Halton sustainable system delivered for UBIQ Office buildings with energy efficient and saving system

UBIQ offices in Poznan

The project

  • Project: UBIQ
  • Location: Poznań, Poland
  • Developer: Karol Fiedor owner of ‚Inwestor’ newspaper
  • Architect: Karol Fiedor
    • Building of the Year 2015 in Eurobild CEE
    • Revitalization of 2015
    • Reward of The Year of Polish Architect Society.

Customer need

  • Beams as sustainable system for Office buildings, Energy saving system.
  • First design on standard beams
  • Design was changed after seeing CCE solution in Halton.
  • Architectural approach, resign from suspended ceiling.

energy efficient UBIQ offices

energy efficient beams in UBIQ offices