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Helsinki, Finland (1999)

Every restaurant visit is a unique experience – a series of events worthy of its own story. The food, the service, the milieu and the atmosphere all determine the kind of story that will be told this time. Restaurant Nokka, the latest restaurant established by Royal-Rest Oy, the largest private restaurant corporation in Finland, tells a story of passion for excellence in raw materials, combined with a charming “old world” atmosphere and friendly service. During the design phase, the goal was to create a new look, symbolic of the new owners.


Nokka Restaurant Helsinki

The Project

The restaurant was renovated with the aim of creating a spacious and elegant dining area for guests and excellent working conditions for employees. All targets were met – with the results arousing interest in restaurant circles throughout Europe.

The challenges solved in improving the kitchen ventilation were:

– The height of the kitchen
– The concrete structure and steel beams in the ceiling
– The discharge flues in the corners

The brightly illuminated display kitchen brings the cooking action closer to the customers.
The spacious atmosphere in the kitchen has been implemented with Halton’s ventilated ceiling units equipped with a Halton Capture Jet™ system for increased efficiency.
The ventilated ceiling is especially suitable for spaces where appearance is important and the height of the space is limited. The design of the kitchen follows the Halton Integrated Design Approach and thus the supply air is also taken care of through matching displacement units.
All working places have controllable lights – including the induction cooker based on the latest technology.