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Germany, Stuttgart (2016)

Speisemeisterei is a restaurant in Stuttgart breathing history. “Speisemeister” is a traditional and ancient job title (kings in their castles had their “Speisemeister”).
It was the name of the person who had the supervision of the kitchen, fixed the menus, took care of supplying meat and vegetables… He was the chef and kitchen master.
“Speisemeister” is also the location where the speisemeister was working, it is to say the whole kitchen area.

In Kavaliersbau the castle was in 1820 a canteen called “Speisemeisterei” set.
Since 1985, the premises serve as a restaurant.

Today Speisemeisterei realized at its launch in autumn 2008 a modern interior design concept – and thus created the opulent baroque style a considerable counterpoint… the walls of Speisemeisterei breathe history.

Speisemeisterei has chosen Halton Solutions for the ventilation of their kitchen.